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Welcome to the VOSHA Review Board Decisions webpage. Decisions are developed by the Hearing Officer or the Review Board after hearing a case. 

This Decision Index  is sorted by topic.  There are six major areas covered under separate headings and indexes.  These areas are: (1) occupational injuries & illnesses log, (2) general industry standards, (3) construction standards, (4) general duty clause, (5) multi-employer citation policy, (6) rights & obligations under the OSHA Act and Title 21 VSA. and (7) other.  This Decision Index Excel file can be sorted further.  A glossary is provided after the index to define abbreviations used within the text. 

Decisions can be viewed by clicking on the docket number. However, many older decisions have not been added to the site yet.   If you are interested in obtaining an electronic copy not available on our website or a hard copy of a decision please contact the Review Board Clerk.  You can also make an appointment to view the decisions in the office.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my violations still be found publicly?

If a case is open, all violations can be found on the OSHA Establishment search page.   After a case is closed, violations can be found and researched at any time within the VOSHA Review Board Decision Index.