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VOSHA Review Board Rules of Procedure

The VOSHA Review Board (VRB) Rules of Procedure provide for two levels of adjudication. The first level is before a Hearing Officer. The second level is review of the Hearing Officer decisions by the VOSHA Review Board if one of the parties petitions for review.

The VRB Rules of Procedure, govern two types of proceedings. The more formal conventional proceedings involve the use of pleadings, discovery, a hearing and post-hearing briefing or argument. The less formal method, called Simplified Proceedings, employs fewer legal procedures and is permitted in certain less complex cases and can be requested by either party. In Simplified Proceedings, there are no formal pleadings and early discussion among the parties to narrow the disputed issues is required. Details on Simplified Proceedings are in the Rules of Procedure.

The citation used for the Rules of Procedure is CVR 13-140-036.  To find the rules on Lexis Nexis, one will have to navigate to 13, 140, 036 consecutively.

Links to Rules, Statutes and VOSHA Field Operations Manual:

VOSHA Review Board Rules of Procedure

VOSHA Field Operations Manual 2020 and Penalty Calculations

Title 21 Chapter 3 – Labor and Safety

Title 21 Chapter 3 Subchapter 5 § 230 - Occupational Safety and Health Review Board (Creation of VOSHA Review Board)

Title 21 Chapter 3 Subchapter 5 § 227 - Judicial Review (Appeals to Superior Court)

Title 3  Chapter 25 § 812 – Decisions shall comply with these rules.

 Vermont Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure at Lexis Nexis
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